Tan Man's Aprons

Hi there! Welcome to our website, we are so glad you’re here!

Tan Man’s Aprons was started to help Tanner start developing a business of his own- something that he can feel proud of and help him develop working skills and all that comes with a job. He LOVES to sew and loves when people know him as the “Tan Man.”  

It was my hope that 20 people would buy aprons and that people would be nice about our crazy idea of starting this business. Little did we know that people love aprons and love supporting Tan Man. We’ve been on the news, taken our business to the National Down Syndrome Conference and sold aprons in many states around the U.S.  We never realized how big this dream would get.

The downside of our business is that it is truly a side business. Tanner has a different job, while I am a full time teacher. That means that as much as we would love to “quit our day jobs” we can’t do that quite yet (hopefully someday.)  SO, if it takes us 2 weeks to get your apron to you, please be kind and patient with us- this is our passion and we love serving you, but life gets in the way of this learning experience at times.

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