aaaaaaaand we're back!

Hi friends!

We've missed you all.

Life got cray cray (is that what they're saying now a days?)  :)  last October\November because Shelby got married. It put a bit of a damper in our sales and how the business ran considering we are mainly a two person team. 

We took a little break but are ready to start sewing again. Thanks for your patience with us. Our ordering system is going to remain the same. But please if you haven't yet, take a look at our about us on the intro page to our website. It'll help you understand us a bit better. 

Let's do this 2017! 


Hi friends! Through all of the steps of starting Tan Man’s Aprons there has always been a “one up” to everything we’ve thought of. Aprons for grandmothers? Okay. Aprons for family? Okay. Then it blew up. Aprons for friends, family, gifts, etc. OKAY! It has been so exciting! Sometimes I get overwhelmed at the fact we have so much support behind us. THANK YOU! I also want to say a big thank you to the Down Syndrome Association of Central Oklahoma. They are sponsoring Tanner and an assistant (me) to go to Florida as a self-advocate. How crazy is that?! We are so humbled to represent them on this trip and thankful they see the potential in Tan Man.

When Jennifer and I first talked about taking Tan Man’s Aprons to the conference we were both a little overwhelmed. What would it take? Do we have enough supplies for something like that? Would people be supportive? What are the requirements? When we got to looking at it we decided to go for it. Jennifer has been such a help to us through this process, mom of the year award, I say. She likes to say she doesn’t want a part of it and that it is Tanner’s thing but she is our back bone and I appreciate her more than she knows.

Anyway, now that we know exactly what the trip will require we have come to realize we need some help. We would love to offer promotional items (such as pencils and magnets) to help get our name out while at the conference. We also would love to have a banner for our booth and t shirts to wear while covering our booth. All of these items unfortunately require money. So, we have set up a Go Fund Me account so that our friends and family can donate however much you feel led to. From $5 to $50 anything and everything will help us on our journey!!


One year?! Say what!

People, today is our one year anniversary. Can you even believe it!? 

It's really hard for me to, anyways. I remember the first apron we made and the ideas going crazy in my head. Can this work? What if he hates it? What if people don't support us? What if people don't think it's worth it?

Then I thought, "the only person who matters in this is Tan." 

And we ran with it.

To this date we have sold over 70 aprons. That's at least one a week.

Tan Man's Aprons this year have:

  • participated in a craft show
  • won an award
  • been in the newspaper 
  • learned (a lot) about a business 
  • increased Tan's sewing skills
  • + more :) 

This adventure has been such a blessing to me. I've learned so much about how much effort it really takes to "run" a business, even if it's just a sewing business. I've loved watching Tanner be successful in something that people may have thought was absolutely nuts. 

Most of all, though, we couldn't have done it without you guys' support. Thank you thank you thank you for buying, sharing, giving, and supporting Tan Man's Aprons. 

We have many thoughts and dreams about 2016 and can't wait to see what year two holds!

Peace and love,



Welcome to back to school week... for most of our fans! If not you probably have seen or will see many pictures of parents posting pictures of their babies going off to school. I love those pictures, they make my "teacher heart" so happy! :)

Ol' Tan Man is starting his Senior year on Thursday... How insane is that?! I'm so proud of him for all of the accomplishments he's had in his life and especially the past year I've gotten to hangout with him. He's made strides in so many areas and it is an absolute blast to watch, let me tell you.

With Senior year approaching and Tan Man's Aprons getting more acknowledgement we want to say YEEHAW and let's do this thing! I know it's August butttttt we are now accepting Christmas orders. IF you know that you will want to give away, to some lucky person (we think), a Tan Man Apron please go ahead and start thinking about your order form and send it on in to us! 


Have an awesome month of August, Tan Man Fans! 

Peace and love,



The Boy

I was inspired today.

Tanner and I try to go to the Community center every Saturday to play some foosball (he always beats me), exercise and of course shoot some hoops.

While we were there today Tan and I were shooting around playing Horse (he again was like at “H” while I only had to get “e” left….) and I noticed this kid sitting off to the side.

He was talking to this other boy and so I didn’t really even take notice. Then the two boys got up and started shooting at our basket. Tan of course started to talk to them, “nice shot man!” “oh nice try” etc.  They in turn started commenting back to him. He made a 3 at one point and the two boys came over gave him huge high fives.

I started to back off, letting the boys do their “boy thing.”

I sat down and minded my own business. (Trying to not get hit by flying balls) Then I noticed 1 of the boys put down his basketball and was just catching Tanner’s rebounds. I thought, “oh sweet, okay.” Not really expecting it to last…

5 minutes later and he’s still doing it. Still running over to get the ball when Tan shot a crazy shot, still saying, “sweet shot” every time Tan made one, still being selfless. So, I started to watch him.

I started to watch him smile and be completely focused on Tanner and his shots. At one point Tan said, “Here man come here Ill show you how I do that.”

The boy proceeded to go over there, let Tan show him how to make a 3 (which I’m sure the boy already knew but sat there patiently listening to every single one of Tanner’s words.) The boy shot, the ball went in, Tanner: “Oh yeah baby!!!”  -The boy’s face LIT UP. I’m talking like, made his day, best made shot ever, you get the point…

I smiled. Tan smiled. It was just a blast.

I wish I could have videoed the whole interaction, but I hope you sense how cool it was through my story.

The boy’s mom (I’m assuming) called and the boy came and told Tan he had to leave… Tanner of course was like oh okay man. But in my head I was going “please no. You are awesome. Please keep shooting. Please keep showing me there are super sweet boys who are passionate for others. Please don’t go.”

He left. My silent thoughts didn’t reach his mind, I guess. ;)

They pounded it out. I of course had to get a picture of this precious boy for my safekeeping and memory making.

I was inspired today, by a simple, 14-year-old boy playing basketball that life is so beautiful and selflessness is such a cool thing to witness.

Thankful for this boy and how we got to cross paths today. I’m thankful for my “job” and how much joy Tan Man brings to me on a daily basis. I’m thankful for people who see Tanner for so much more than he is.

I was inspired today.

“Down syndrome is only part of who a person is- it does not define the person.”

I’m learning so much through Tanner Joy and I couldn’t imagine life any other way.

The Idea

Okay so, I'm Shelby. I am Tanner's HTS and I am lucky enough to get to hangout and do life with him. I seriously believe I couldn't pick a better job right now. WOW the Joy's are awesome... and they've raised one heck of a son. Tanner Joy has changed my life and I can't think of a better way to express that then helping him run his own business and seeing him succeed. SO, that's what we are going to do here, people. 

(ps. I've never blogged before, but I am hoping this will start that habit up and I will be able to continue to tell you guys about our adventures together. )

Here's to 2015, a new year full of immense opportunities!