The Boy

I was inspired today.

Tanner and I try to go to the Community center every Saturday to play some foosball (he always beats me), exercise and of course shoot some hoops.

While we were there today Tan and I were shooting around playing Horse (he again was like at “H” while I only had to get “e” left….) and I noticed this kid sitting off to the side.

He was talking to this other boy and so I didn’t really even take notice. Then the two boys got up and started shooting at our basket. Tan of course started to talk to them, “nice shot man!” “oh nice try” etc.  They in turn started commenting back to him. He made a 3 at one point and the two boys came over gave him huge high fives.

I started to back off, letting the boys do their “boy thing.”

I sat down and minded my own business. (Trying to not get hit by flying balls) Then I noticed 1 of the boys put down his basketball and was just catching Tanner’s rebounds. I thought, “oh sweet, okay.” Not really expecting it to last…

5 minutes later and he’s still doing it. Still running over to get the ball when Tan shot a crazy shot, still saying, “sweet shot” every time Tan made one, still being selfless. So, I started to watch him.

I started to watch him smile and be completely focused on Tanner and his shots. At one point Tan said, “Here man come here Ill show you how I do that.”

The boy proceeded to go over there, let Tan show him how to make a 3 (which I’m sure the boy already knew but sat there patiently listening to every single one of Tanner’s words.) The boy shot, the ball went in, Tanner: “Oh yeah baby!!!”  -The boy’s face LIT UP. I’m talking like, made his day, best made shot ever, you get the point…

I smiled. Tan smiled. It was just a blast.

I wish I could have videoed the whole interaction, but I hope you sense how cool it was through my story.

The boy’s mom (I’m assuming) called and the boy came and told Tan he had to leave… Tanner of course was like oh okay man. But in my head I was going “please no. You are awesome. Please keep shooting. Please keep showing me there are super sweet boys who are passionate for others. Please don’t go.”

He left. My silent thoughts didn’t reach his mind, I guess. ;)

They pounded it out. I of course had to get a picture of this precious boy for my safekeeping and memory making.

I was inspired today, by a simple, 14-year-old boy playing basketball that life is so beautiful and selflessness is such a cool thing to witness.

Thankful for this boy and how we got to cross paths today. I’m thankful for my “job” and how much joy Tan Man brings to me on a daily basis. I’m thankful for people who see Tanner for so much more than he is.

I was inspired today.

“Down syndrome is only part of who a person is- it does not define the person.”

I’m learning so much through Tanner Joy and I couldn’t imagine life any other way.