Welcome to back to school week... for most of our fans! If not you probably have seen or will see many pictures of parents posting pictures of their babies going off to school. I love those pictures, they make my "teacher heart" so happy! :)

Ol' Tan Man is starting his Senior year on Thursday... How insane is that?! I'm so proud of him for all of the accomplishments he's had in his life and especially the past year I've gotten to hangout with him. He's made strides in so many areas and it is an absolute blast to watch, let me tell you.

With Senior year approaching and Tan Man's Aprons getting more acknowledgement we want to say YEEHAW and let's do this thing! I know it's August butttttt we are now accepting Christmas orders. IF you know that you will want to give away, to some lucky person (we think), a Tan Man Apron please go ahead and start thinking about your order form and send it on in to us! 


Have an awesome month of August, Tan Man Fans! 

Peace and love,