Hi friends! Through all of the steps of starting Tan Man’s Aprons there has always been a “one up” to everything we’ve thought of. Aprons for grandmothers? Okay. Aprons for family? Okay. Then it blew up. Aprons for friends, family, gifts, etc. OKAY! It has been so exciting! Sometimes I get overwhelmed at the fact we have so much support behind us. THANK YOU! I also want to say a big thank you to the Down Syndrome Association of Central Oklahoma. They are sponsoring Tanner and an assistant (me) to go to Florida as a self-advocate. How crazy is that?! We are so humbled to represent them on this trip and thankful they see the potential in Tan Man.

When Jennifer and I first talked about taking Tan Man’s Aprons to the conference we were both a little overwhelmed. What would it take? Do we have enough supplies for something like that? Would people be supportive? What are the requirements? When we got to looking at it we decided to go for it. Jennifer has been such a help to us through this process, mom of the year award, I say. She likes to say she doesn’t want a part of it and that it is Tanner’s thing but she is our back bone and I appreciate her more than she knows.

Anyway, now that we know exactly what the trip will require we have come to realize we need some help. We would love to offer promotional items (such as pencils and magnets) to help get our name out while at the conference. We also would love to have a banner for our booth and t shirts to wear while covering our booth. All of these items unfortunately require money. So, we have set up a Go Fund Me account so that our friends and family can donate however much you feel led to. From $5 to $50 anything and everything will help us on our journey!!